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Saturday, 17 December 2011

How To Create A Username For Your Facebook Page

Facebook is best social networking site to spread your voice all over the world.Every blogger has a facebook page for his blog,so that blog visitors can like his page through his blog.Today's post is about creating a username for facebook page.

Why To Create A Username?

Let's see a difference -
Before Creating A Username -

After Creating A Username -

That is a difference between creating or not creating a username.....

How To Create A Username For Your FB Fan Page ?

Now let's see how to create a username for your facebook fan page.
  • Go to and log in to your account from which you have created a page. Click on down arrow and click on a page for which you want to create a username (See image instruction below)

  • Now click on Edit Page button.

  • Choose Basic Information.

  • Now select a username and check for availability...
  • *Remember - Once you have chosen a desired username then you can't change it....

  • Finally click on confirm....
You are done now refresh your facebook page....

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