Twitter Follower/Fan Box is a great widget like a facebook like box . Many blogger have been waiting for this great application, that allows your visitors to follow you via twitter without leaving your site.The code for this Fan box is created by Mark Carey.

If you've visited author site, and follow him on twitter, you'll see the code shown. But you can resize the widget size as you need. Now I'll give you the code, which you can resize to fit in your blog.

Just follow my these simple steps to add this twitter fan box/follower box to blogger.

Update - This widget is no longer working, get updated version from here

Installation - 
1. Copy below code and change my username with yours.
2. Again copy the changed code
3. Go To Blogger > Design > Page Layout > Add a Widget.
4. Select HTML/JavaScript widget
5. Paste the code below inside it.

<!-- Twitter Fan Box -->
<script type="text/javascript"
style="font-size:10px;"> <a
href="">Get This</a></div>
<!-- End Twitter Fan Box -->
Change Rahulippar with your username.

Live Demo

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  1. is there any problem with twitter fan box widget???
    it was working properly on my blog, but from past 2-3 days its nothing and even on other sites!!

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