2 days ago while watching my stats I got some results from translate.google.com. Someone was reading my tutorials by translating in Chinese .That's why I added this widget to my blog.Here I gave a widget form so that you can directly add it on your blog.This widget contains flags of more than 32 languages. With hover title effect, When you hover your mouse on any flag then it will shows a title of that language.First see the demo.....

How To Add Google Flag Translator To Blogger ?

Now let's see how to add this awesome widget to blogger.

  • Just press the Add To Blogger Button below and this will takes to you Add Widget section.
  • Change title as you wish.
  • Hit the Add Widget button.
  • Drag and drop the widget as you wish

  • Now save it and refresh your blog.....

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  1. I think microsoft translator is better

    It does not spoil site design

    here is an example: http://beermat.webnode.com

    But this is only my opinion!

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  3. thanks alot for this information, i really apppreciate it.

  4. thanks alot, just added it on my blog here.. http://nigeriaopenuniversity.blogspot.com/

  5. I cannot use this Generator! Is there any way you can email me the code to this?

  6. Muy Buenos tips Gracias por compatirlo en la red recursos como esta

  7. We feel it is very important for such types of texts to come up with a translation see more which respects the beauty and authenticity of the text itself, as well as the author’s ideas, but includes the necessary changes to adapt the document to a different cultural context.

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  9. Hi.. Really Its great work. Please keep posting same as this informative post. Your post will help all of new blogger to improve their blogging. I have one website about "banners and mash".


    You can visit my website to know more about international flag. Thanks.


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