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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Host Your Files On Googlecode For Free And Lifetime

How To Host Your Blog Codes For Free ?

Google is amazing ! You know why ? Because no other website gives a feature to host your codes or java script files. There is site only one site  which provides free java script hosting for lifetime.Yesterday I got a tutorial about code hosting on mybloggertricks further I added some my ideas and finally writing this post.
Let's see How To Host Your Blog Codes For Free !

This free service is called Google project hosting. We will need to create an account/project  first with gmail ID. Lets begin
  1. Log into this link with your Gmail ID
  2. Then give your Project a name without spaces and fill up remaining blanks as shown below.

  • Fill up the areas simply with your blog title choose Mercurial version and    choose MIT as the license.
  • Then Hit "Create Project"
  • On the next window click the New Download link under the Downloads Tab. Watch the image instructions below :
  • Next you have to choose your file from your hard-drive and hit the submit    button after filling summary field

7. Right Click your uploaded file and choose "Copy link location" and paste this link anywhere you want.....

Main Advantages - 
  1. Free hosting for lifetime.
  2. Upload limit of 200 MB per file.
  3. Free 4GB upload storage for per gmail account.
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  1. how to host file on google code with our domain name ex.
    like you have done in your blog

    1. If you are on blogger you can't host your files like this name. BLOGNAME.BLOGSPOT.COM/FILE.js because blogger doesn't allow to upload js,css and other files except images and video.

      You can host files in this way like CODE.YOURDOMAIN.COM/FILE.js and for this you have to sign up for the services like Hostgator and Bigrock and many other.

    2. I already have a custom domain so now how can i do that???


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