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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How To Add Floating Feedback Tab To Blogger/Blogspot

Feedback from users is most important thing for any blogger. Feedback from users helps to improve your blog.Actually this widget was Ollie Rattue.It floats left side of your blog.It sends feedback directly into your inbox. No need to registration no login. That's why I am sharing this widget with you....

Here are some features of Barometer - 

  • No sign up or login.
  • Hide your email address to avoid spam.
  • In-page form tab increases user feedback rate.
  • Simple fuss-free form without a full support system.
  • Receive feedback into your normal inbox - no login required.
  • The world's simplest signup. No data capturing here!
  • Completely free. Forever.


How To Get Barometer Code ?

  • Go to getbarometer.
  • Just enter your email address.

  • Copy the obtained code.

How To Add It In Blogger ?

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
  2. Search for </head> tag using CTRL+F function.
  3. Paste code just above/before </head> tag.
Now save it. And refresh your blog page.

Live demo at my own blog......


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  2. Sorry, but your demo doesn't work on your page..


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