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Friday, 20 January 2012

How To Add Google Plus Page Badge To Blogger Blog

While learning I am writing posts and giving tutorial. Just today I created my google+ page and added a badge to my blog. It is great widget to increase your page views.You know why ? If any visitor +1 ed your blog and after some days if he will finding any thing which has present in your and many other blogs,then he will find results from your blog first......

How To Add It On Blogger ?

Now lets see how to add this widget to blogger.
*You Must Know Your Google Plus Page URL.

  1. Copy below code and replace my page URL with yours and again copy that code.
  2. Now go to Blogger Dashboard > Design > Page Layout
  3. Choose Add A Gadget > HTML/Javascript
  4. Paste code and save it.

<!-- Place this tag in the <head> of your document -->
<link href="" rel="publisher" /><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<!-- Place this tag where you want the badge to render -->
<g:plus href="" size="badge"></g:plus>
Now replace with your google+ page URL.

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