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Monday, 30 January 2012

Jquery Pop Up Facebook Like Box For Blogger - V3

Please Note - This is V3 of pop up facebook like box not custom facebook like box.
Facebook plays most important role in increasing traffic on your blog.You will watch facebook like box on every blog.After posting many widgets about facebook now I am posting a pop up widget for facebook like box with cool background image.Here I am giving a list of some facebook widgets.Actually this widget code was generated by Nitin Mehta - Making Different. So thanks to him...

List Of Some Facebook Widgets

How To Add Jquery Pop Up Like Box ?

Update - This widget is no longer available,you can try updated versions of this widget.Sorry for the inconvinience.


  1. its not working on my blog

  2. Neither on mine. Maybe I found a mistake in the 5th row of the second step script code 'visited=flase'. Unfortunately it doesn't work anyway

    1. Thanks man,I will update the tutorial soon.I didn't checked it yet because I didn't created this gadget but I am working on it and I will update it soon.

  3. its not working on my blog


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