Before some days ago a flying twitter bird widget was generated.Using the same script some web developers developed same kind widgets like flying twitter bird with cap like santa clause.Here in this post I am giving you the seven types of flying object.You can add this widget by just pressing just one button.This widget generator was created by Nitin Maheta so I give all credits to him.

How To Install This Widget To Blogger ?

  1. Replace My Twitter Username With Yours.
  2. Replace Tweet This Text With Your Text.
  3. Choose a type of Bird.
  4. Click On "Generate" Button.
  5. Finally Click On Add to Blogger Button.

Now you have successfully added this widget to your blog.
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  1. nice job dude...

    thank u..

    i m exiting now to learn about widget generater by specification .

    can u help me...p,z reply me

  2. its nt working...plz help....nothing is flying even after ading as per instruction

  3. hey...
    why you copied posts from other blog???
    fool man.. :(


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