We got a new domain just yesterday from bigrock.com.When I chat with their customer care executive about then he tells me about set up a custom domain for blogger.In blogger it is quiet easy but adding the reports to the DNS page is quiet hard.Here I will explain all these steps so that you can set up your own custom domain to your blog.Here are three steps to set up a custom domain for your blog.

  1. Adding 4 A Records
  2. Adding The CNAME Record.
  3. Final Easy Work.

1.Adding Four A Records

  • Login to your account.
  • After logged in search for Domain Management.
  • Under Domain Management select LIST ALL DOMAINS.

  • Now select a domain name which you want.

  • Find for DNS Management select Manage DNS.

  • Now choose ADD A RECORD.

  • Now you will see three blank field.Now careful.

A) Host Field - You can leave it blank or if you want a domain like blog.yourdomain.com then type blog in  Host Field.

B) Destination IPv4 Address Field - In this field fill the below number ( )

C) TTL Field - It will already filled by the number like 28800.

(Do the same for 4 times means again Add A Record again type the number and save it do the same for same time)

Now you have successfully added four A Records....

2.Adding The CNAME Record

  • Now in same window find CNAME Records.

  • Click On it and choose ADD CNAME RECORD.

Now again you will see three fields....

A ) Host Field - Fill ( www  ) in host field. (See Image Below)

B) Value Field - In value field choose fully blank field (in most second field) Fill ( ghs.google.com ) in value field. (See Image Below)

C) TTL Field - It will already filled by the number like 38400. (See Image Below)

Finally click on Add Records. 

Now you have successfully added the CNAME Record.

3.Some Very Easy Work :)

  • Now open Blogger Dashboard in new tab.
  • Go to settings > Publishing > Switch To Custom Domain.

  • Now Switch To Advanced Seetings.

  • Enter Your new domain (should start with www and end with .com,.org,.net etc....)

Finally save your settings.Enjoy with your new domain.
If this works for you then don't forgot to comment your new URL here.

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  1. i'm login my account but didn't see Domain Management.

    1. From which registrar do you register your domain ?

  2. Thank you so much i deed it


  3. Bro I have bought a domain and set the dns for blogger but when i try to add custom domain it gives the error "Another blog is already using this adress" and my blog is redirected to some other site which is not mine at all

    1. ???????

      What is your blogspot URL and domain URL?

  4. blog is srkfan-club.blogspot.com and domain is www.srkfansclub.com add me on google talk at awais.aslam19@gmail.com please

    1. Ok I have added you accept my request

  5. Thanx Rahul. I registered a domain with help of you

  6. Hi Rahul , i changed blogspot in to http://www.airtelnetwork.in/ but it'll not work without (www)

    Exple : http://airtelnetwork.in/

    Can u help me out


  7. Dear i 'm Waiting for reply , Pls help me

    1. Oh sorry.

      Follow below steps.

      1.Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings
      2.Scroll to publishing and click on small Edit link
      3.Now tick Redirect airtelnetwork.in to www.airtelnetwork.in
      4.Save your changes and you are done.

      Now it will redirect to www.airtelnetwork.in so that you will not loose your visitors.

    2. Hi, i did still same its not working

  8. Dear Brother Rahul Which Domain Hosting Site You Register Your Domain ? HelperBlogger.Com

  9. Thank You Bro For Useful Post...

  10. Hi! Rahul I create my blog with blogger.com, arsalan4khan.blogspot.com
    How it will convert to arsalan4khan.com?
    Please tell me with easy steps.
    My email ID is arsalan4khan@yahoo.com

  11. If I Set Custom Domain On My Blog nannodesign.blogspot.com
    Then There Is Any Effect On Traffic Or Not.
    Please Anybody Help Me.


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