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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Quick Adding : Vertical Floating Facebook Share And Google +1 Button For Blogger

In this widget I have not used any scripts this time and this widget works purely on CSS and HTML and is fully compatible with all major browsers
This widget contains the best social buttons like Facebook Share/like, Twitter and Google +1 button. All in one. You can see this sticky widget to left of my blog post. I have made sure to keep the installation process as easy as possible so be confident to try this one out to better increase your social engagement and thereby your page views.

◄ See Live Demo At Left Of Page

How To Add Vertical Floating Social Sharing Widget To Blogger ?

  1. Click on Add To Blogger Button Below.
  2. Select a Blog On Which You Want To Add This Widget.
  3. Finally Click On Add The Widget.


To customize the widget content value Go to Page Layout > Find Your Widget > Click Edit.

To align the widget more towards the left or right then edit this value margin-left:-70px; Decreasing this numeric value will shift the widget to the right and increasing the value will shift it to left.

To Change the background colour of the floating widget then change this background:#fff;
Use our color code generator or colour chart to select a colour.


  1. thanks so much for this info.... now how do i add more social buttons in this widget? please note i do not know html hence please give me code so that i can just copy paste in the widget section.

    thanks once again.

    1. @Khushbu - Ok we will publish a widget with more sharing options.

  2. ah, these are just the buttons i want but in the slide out men!...can the code for these buttons be added to the slide out menu code and if so how?...help please!

  3. facebook share button only shows at home page if I open a post, I can olny see google and tweet button.
    And I want it at left side of each post.
    I also like to have a vertical floating bar only with the share facebook button, since I already have all the others. Thanks for your help.


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