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Monday, 5 March 2012

Complete List Of Blogger Limits Per Account

Blogger is a platform where anyone can open a blog using google account.It is a free service but blogger has some user friendly limits.Here I am giving some information about the limits a Blogger account has.While creating this post I've put them into a list for your reference.This will surely help you at some points in your blogging future.

Account limits

  • Number of blogs: 100 per account.
  • Profile Interests and Favorites: 2,000 characters in each field.
  • Number of blogs to follow: 300 blogs per account.
  • Profile "About Me" info length: 1,200 characters.
  • Image uploaded via post editor: 1600px wide. Larger images can be uploaded but it will be scaled down to 1600px wide while preserving the aspect ratio.Image (for background) uploaded via Template Designer > Background page: No limit
  • Image uploaded via post editor: 8MBImage (for background) uploaded via Template Designer > Background page: 300kB.
  • Uploaded via Blogger Mobile: 250KBCapacity of image hosting (on Blogger partner Picasa Web Albums): 1024MB per account.
  • Bandwidth of image hosting: No limit.

Blog Limits

  • Length of blog title: 90 characters.
  • Length of subdomain name (as in 37 characters.
  • Length of blog description: 500 characters.
  • Number of members: 100 member invitations per blog.
  • Number of readers (for a private blog): 100 per blog.
  • Number of posts: No limit. (However, currently the Edit posts list maxes out at 5000 posts, which could make some older posts inaccessible for editing. Blogger is working on a fix).
  • Number of posts displayed on multiple-post pages (homepage, archive etc.):
  • Blogger will attempt to display the number of posts as set in Settings > Formatting > Show At Most provided the posts’ file size does not exceed the Blogger auto-pagination file size cap of 1MB.
  • Bigger posts may cause fewer number of posts to be displayed.
  • Number of static pages: 10 per blog.
  • Number of labels: 5000 unique labels per blog.

Post Limits

  • Length of individual post: No limit.
  • Size of individual post: No limit, but very large posts may run you up against the multiple-post page size limit (see above).
  • Number of labels: 20 unique labels per post.
  • Number of comments: No limit.
  • Length of post filename: 39 characters (auto-generated from post title, truncated to length).

Other Limits 

  • Label length: 200 characters per label.
  • Comment length: 4,096 characters per comment.

I hope you find the information useful. If you know a limit that’s not in the list, please share them in the comments.
Please Note - This information was given by Mr.Greenlava of bloggersentral,so I gave all credits to him.


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