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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How To Submit Your Website/Blog To Search Engines - HB SEO Series

If you have didn't submitted your blog to major search engines then you are missing a lot of your visitors per day.By submitting your blog/website to search engines such Google,Bing and Yahoo,you can tell them that I am also in the world of the Internet.Submission will increase your blog chances of being indexed the next time they crawl the web. Submission is absolutely free and it is very easy to do.Also we have started the SEO series,we will post three articles in this series and they are as below :

Helper Blogger SEO Series

Article 1 - Submit Blog/Website To Search Engines

Article 2 - Verify Your Blog/Website On Google,Bing and Yahoo

Article 3 - Submitting Blogger Sitemap To Google,Bing and Yahoo Without Errors.

 Now let's start submission.

How To Submit Your Blog To Search Engines?

1. Submitting Blog/Website To Google

  • Type your blog URL in the URL box.
  • Enter the Captcha as shown and hit Submit Request Button.

2. Submitting Blog/Website To Yahoo

Note - Yahoo Site explorer has been merged with Bing webmaster Tools. When you add your blog/website to Bing it will automatically added it to Yahoo.

3. Submitting Blog/Website To Bing

  • Enter the captcha as shown in image.
  • Give your Blog/Website URL and hit Submit URL Button and you are done.

Submit Blog/Website Search Engines With Using Free Services

You can also use free services to submit your blog/website to search engines.Here I am giving a list of some free services.

  1. Submit Express
  2. Add Me
  3. Submit Domain Name
  4. Search Engine Submission

I hope this post post will surely help you to improve your blog's SEO.If you have any queries or any ideas then feel free to post it below. Happy Blogging....


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  2. Great it's working thanks a lot man. do you have any pagination for mobile view of blogger? the one that has a feature like this.... First 123456 Last? I did the one that you have and search further I found them but when I press the page number 2 and so on the site turns to Desktop View I really need to customize my blog to be a mobile friendly since most of my visitors are mobile phone users. Hope you can help me with this just please sent me a message at I need some help.

    1. @wap-site - Sorry we can't edit mobile version theme of blogger because it is pre designed from blogger.Also check on google you may find any solution.

  3. bro Bing how this msg...

    That web page doesn't exist.

    Let's see if we can help you find what you are looking for.

    now what can i do to submit site in bing...

  4. sorry bing Show** This msg...:p

    spelling mistake...:D

  5. bro..................???????????

  6. I migrated from wordpress to blogger long back (year ago)

    always I see this error in google web master tools


    what to do

    1. Sorry :( but I have no idea about it,

      You can get some help here -

      Also I will reply you back as soon as I got the solution.

  7. Thanks a lot for your info!

    I have followed all the tips above!

    Have a nice day! :D



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