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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Social Subscribing Icons With Animated Tool Tips For Blogger

Add social subscribing icons with cool tooltips on mouse hover.Here we are sharing another cool social subscribing widget.This widget contains three social icons of Google +,Twitter and Facebook which shows animated tool tips on mouse hover.This effect increases the beauty the widget.Here I am providing the widget widget code generator for all different 4 types of animated tool tips.Using this tool you can easily add this gadget without adding or editing any code.You can see the demo of each tool tip in widget generator.Now let's add this gadget to your blog.

See Demo In Widget Generator ↓

How To Add Social Icons With Cool Animated Tool Tips?

  1. Choose any type of tool tip from widget generator below.
  2. Replace my URL'S with yours.
  3. Hit the "Add to Blogger" button.
  4. You will redirect to blogger add widget page.
  5. Now Finally hit the "Add Widget" Button and you are done.

Widget Generator

The widget generator is not available right now as it script files are not available,we are doing our best to recover them as soon as possible.


Below are the credits -

Widget By             →   Codrops
Bloggerized By      →    Making Different And Helper Blogger
Widget Generator  →    Making Different And Helper Blogger
Social Icons           →  Growcase

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  1. wao! its so beautiful, i am happy to be first to comment on this awesome gadget!

  2. I like this, thanks for your tutorial.

  3. hey...mine goes out of the box needed plzz

    1. @Amit - Please add <br/> 5 to 10 times before code as you need

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. how do u make the pages open in a new window/tab when you click on the social icons?

  6. this so cool man,
    Is it ok if I re-post/ feature this in my blog?
    All the credit is on you, linking back here,of course

    1. almost forgot,
      really made use of this cool gadget, check it out!
      tell me what you think!

  7. Thanks 4 the tutorial

    can u send me the link to add social media sharing icons below blogger posts...

    my email id

  8. I like this, thank you so much...