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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Static Facebook Pop Out Like Box With Jquery Blogger-V2

This is a second version of static facebook pop out like box.In this version we make little changes to make this widget more beautiful.I have added cool jQuery hover effect to it i.e. when any visitors hover on Facebook image the like box gets out by sliding to left.Here I am giving widget generator so that you can very easily add this gadget to your blog.You can see the demo of gadget press the demo button below....

How To Add This Gagdet To Blogger?

  1. Enter username of your facebook fan page in text area fiels.
  2. Hit Add to Blogger Button
  3. Finally Hit Add Widget Button.
  4. You Are Done.....

Widget Generator

Only enter username of your fan page,not URL

Go to your blog you will see floating facebook like box...

I hope you will like this gadget and my new widget generator....


  1. Hi bro......
    How to make widget generator as your blog

  2. @aa Solah - First create HTML Code then convert it to JavaScript add apply it as widget content. But first you will have to learn JavaScript....
    Try it......

    1. how to delete a slideout facebook widget added through a widget generator

  3. Can you give me the tutorial, so that i can learn it with more exact.
    So please help !

  4. What kind of tutorial do you want ?????? See my source of widget generator it's not so hard buddy you can do it,but you have to learn it yourself.Because JavaScript language can be learn by any tutorial.We have to try it in editors....Contact me if you are getting problems.

  5. awesome........

  6. @Anurag Kumar - Thank you...

  7. HELP!
    Nice Widget but i want it on left side of my blog?

    please HELP me ASAP! :)

  8. Thank you very much.
    It works great :)

  9. Bro,how i change the position to the center??

  10. are you able to provide at least the beginning and end of this code as it appears in HTML? i just want to know in case i need to remove it down the road, or if I was to tweak it. Thanks!

  11. I got it added to my blog, but when it pops out it says, "There was an error fetching the like box for the specified page." Is there any way to fix this? Thanks :)

  12. nice 1...bro...aal things r useful
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  13. rahul i need to edit my blogger template am really bad with this can you help me with it

  14. I must have messed up now I don't know how to take it off, please help! its not hooked to my facebook fan page....whats my user name and how do I fix to make it work?

  15. ni bro but bro agr mei facebook ki jo pic show hoti ha uska color change kr skta hu kiya?

  16. Rahul bro please give me this widget code i want badly and i like your blog :)

  17. thanks a lot buddy. Just added it to my blog

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