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Friday, 20 April 2012

Suggest a Magazine Style Blogger Template For Us

Hello Friends,
Please suggest a 2 column  magazine style blogger template for us.I want to change this template,because it has so many errors that are wasting my time.I have ability to modify this template or create a new template but it is so boring and time wasting work.I have watch many templates but I want to choose the template which you suggest me.To suggest a template kindly leave a template link in comment box.Thanks...


  1. your template is not that much bad it's really awesome. But if you really wanna to change it then come and take a look at mine i hope you gonna like it...

  2. Check out revolution church template.It is really nice....

  3. @Muhammd Faisal - I think you are using revolution church blogger templare ? I will try it.

  4. Hi Rahul,
    Your current template is also not bad. I would like to suggest you iThesis for Blogger (
    As you are very good at codes you can easily customize ithesis with your desires and best of luck

    1. @Ammar - It is great template Ammar.I will try it.Thanks for your suggestion.

    If u like, just mail me for this theme



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