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Sunday, 6 May 2012

How To Add Hellobar (a Stickybar) To Blogger Blog?

Now days stickybar's are getting quite famous because of their attention grabbing capacity.They can easily grab any visitors attention.Today we are sharing some information about a interesting free stickybar named as Hellobar.Hellobar is type stickybar which scroll along with page and grab the attention of any reader easily.You can show your notices,notification and link to your any important article on it.Also the biggest advantage of this bar is you don't need to edit any code or script you just have to edit your text and customize your bar by logging in your hellobar account.Below are the some great features of hellobar.

Features Of Hellobar

  • Beautiful look and awesome textures
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to customize (No need to edit any code just update your bar)
  • Endless possibilities to customize the color combination of your HelloBar
  • Full statistics of the Click Throughs
Above are the some features of hellobar.Now lets see how to add it on blogger blog.

How To Add Hellobar To Blogger Blog?

  1. First go to Hellobar
  2. Give your email address and check your mailbox because you will get your password in that mail.
  3. Now login to your hellobar account
  4. You will redirect to Create Hellobar page.
  5. Now create your own Hellobar and hit Save button.
  6. As soon as you hit save button a popup box will comes up with embed code of your hellobar.

  7. Copy that code and add it just before </head> tag in your template
  8. Save your template and you are done.

Now visit your blog you will watch this amazing hellobar on your blog.
That's all.


  1. Hi Admin! Thank Q very much!

  2. Looking for a hellobar without Java script usage. Any help?

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