Previously we shared wordpress style social media widget with counter for blogger and many of you found that great widget.But one of my reader asked me for another version that widget i.e. little different that why I have designed this widget and I hope all of you will like it.Also I am providing a widget generator for this widget so that you don't need to edit any code,Click on the button below to see line demo of widget.


How To Add Social Media Gadget With Count For Blogger?

As mentioned above I am providing a widget generator for this gadget,to use widget generator follow below steps carefully.

  1. First login to Blogger Account
  2. Enter your Feedburner,Facebook and Twitter usernames respectively below in widget generator
  3. Once you have entered your username,check them
  4. Hit Generate button and finally hit Ad to Blogger button

Widget Generator

If you are getting any problems then feel free ask me or post them below in the comment box.Hope this will surely increase number of your subscribers.

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  1. Do you think new bloggers should display the number of their subscribers initially as people tend to see a blogger as successful with number count and seeing less numbers, they may desist from subcribing. What is your views on the issue?

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  3. hi, i am trying to get sharethis widget below post but this widget is also appearing on homepage, how you fixed this ?

  4. Hey It is not updating one isn't it We have to update the Followers count manually or Don't we ?

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  6. Such a good read! already shared your post among my followers!
    Please share mine too.

  7. Thank you for giving the useful post.
    It is great to see the idea.
    I also want the solution for the same problem.

  8. Thank you for sharing the useful article post. It's so informative & helpful for us.

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