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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stop Your Articles Stealing With Using Just CSS

Consider you are working hard in creating articles and someone just copy and paste your content on their website without adding any credit link,then how would you feel ? Here I have an unique and simple trick to stop your post stealing.The biggest advantage of this trick is you don't have to put any scripts or any other things in your template it totally works with pure CSS3.You just have to put a little snippet of CSS code in your template which will prevent users to copy text from your articles.And I hope this small trick will surely help you to prevent your articles from republishing/redistributing on other websites.

How To Stop Your Post Stealing

  1. Go to Your Blogger Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
  2. Take a backup of your template.
  3. Now find for below code in your template


add below code just above/before of above code

.post-body {
-webkit-touch-callout: none;
-khtml-user-select: none;
-moz-user-select: -moz-none;
-ms-user-select: none;
user-select: none;

Now save your template and you are done....


  1. This is a good CSS trick, but am surprised you have not used the same as any one can easily copy your text. I hope I am not missing anything. Regards

    1. : I am using spy on visitors program so that I easily catch anyone... :)

  2. If you use this tip, and share code on your site, then visitors cannot copy the code that you are sharing either. So I'm not sure it's such a good idea for bloggers in all niches.

  3. I used this hack but it was only allowing non copying in Google Chrome whereas one could easily copy data in Internet Explorer and Opera etc. Can you have a look at to suggest change if any required.

    1. hey another best and unique way is disabling right clicks... :)

  4. Disabling right click is like being an ostrich as one can copy through atleast two tricks known to me. I am not naming lest scrappers start using the same. Can u work on some viamedia that on copying of the content link gets auto embedded in the copying site as scrappers are normally lazy.

  5. Replies
    1. just visited to your blog -

      and I have noticed that this trick is working on your blog then whats the problem??? just try to select some words from your blog,no one can select :)

    2. hi Rahul,
      No, Please tell me where did u see it?
      I can' find it :/
      my posts are being stolen

    3. Hi Rahul,
      Please help me to do so ?
      I can't see :/

    4. No bro. this is working on your blog just try to select some words from your blog posts not from title.

  6. If someone want's to steal your articles, there is 100% NOTHING you can do. If you install a no right click script, people can just go to file>view source on their browser. If you install a css trick, same thing or use the chrome/ff web dev tools to disable anything.

    It sucks that people have to steal articles, but sadly such is life on the internet. Try using to monitor your content, and if you find someone who stole from you, leave a comment on that article on their blog saying "oh i see you found my article helpful! do you mind crediting me for it? Thanks!" so that other readers know where it came from. If that doesn't work you can always contact the hosting company for where the blog is hosted, and send them a standard DMCA take down notice.


    1. oh not to mention stealing via your RSS feeds. =/

    2. Great comment :)

      This is a basic way to stop articles stealing.

      Also I know all of above tricks :D but I use them for good purpose :)

      Thanks for your comment.

    3. great comment by angee maree :)

  7. Really Really Really Thanks for this post..i was searching for this tip and i find it here.again thanks and keep sharing. :)

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  8. Thank you for this post! It's really helpful.

  9. nice Site Rahul .....thanks bro...your site has almost all the content that i was looking for ........thanks again dude............!

  10. Check out this.. 100% working

  11. thats good but through your page source, one can still copy your site content.


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