Blogger page navigation is a widget which helps your readers directly jump on any page which they want.Previously I shared 10 page navigations for blogger but I forgot to add this one that's why I am sharing this page navigation style separately.This is very impressive page navigation widget which will make your blog more professional and beautiful.For this page navigation I am providing a widget generator so that you can easily implement it into your blog with customizing it as you wish.Now lets start adding it into blogger blog,first see the demo below,

Live Widget Demo ▼

How To Add Page Navigation Widget To Blogger?

As mentioned above I am providing a widget generator for this widget,just follow below instruction carefully,

  1. First you must login to your blogger account
  2. Then click on widget generator button below
  3. Customize your widget as you wish
  4. Once done click on Generate button
  5. Finally click on Add to Blogger button and add it to your blog
  6. Now drag this widget just below of blogger posts section (see image below)

Click On Image To Enlarge

Finally save your widget and you are done.

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  1. I like Your Widget Generator I will also make same like yours

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  2. nice widget. i am also using a page navigation widget in my blog. thanks for sharing.
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  3. Replies
    1. What is the problem ? Can I see any demo ?

  4. What i have to change in widget, if i want brick red(#B22222) in place of orange

  5. very usefull already apply..thanks.

  6. hello rahul i m using this widget but it dont work on my home
    older post ,newer post and page 1 2 3 4 5 ....... work as you shown on figure
    but my home color dont change. it same as default color
    plz help rahul


  8. Felicitarte por el excelente sitio web, y especialmente por este widget, el estilo es perfecto para mi blog "".
    Pero parece que con Firefox no se puede retroceder ni avanzar, mira esta imagen "", me podrías decir si esto tiene solución?


  9. hello can you help me as you create pages widget generators ?

  10. Nice... but some pages are blank in my blog :/

  11. Thank You for an Awesome Widget It works Cool!!


    nice post and nice blog for Sharing us

  13. Excellent Post, Working Great.
    Thanks Rahul...!!

  14. Amazing! Super Amazing! The Black & Orange Color Perfectly Matches my Website! - Check it out!

  15. pleas how can i change the color

  16. thank you so much, cheers from

  17. Thank you I will use it for my blog

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  19. I think helperblogger was a blogspot am i right ? i have blogspot to now i redirect it to

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