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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Blogger Auto Read More Hack : Improved With Many Control Options

Blogger auto read hack is the best hack available for blogger.Almost every blogger use this hack.This hack automatically create post summaries with thumbnails.We already shared a auto read more hack for blogger but this time we are sharing updated auto read more hack.With using this can controls following options as you wish,

  1. You can add default thumbnail image when your posts don't have any image.
  2. You can turn off auto read more for some first posts.
  3. Option to turn on/off read more for home page and labels page.
Above are the some features of this new auto read hack the script of this new hack is created by Rilwis.Now lets see how to apply this hack,

How To Add Auto Read More Hack To Blogger?

If you have already added a old read more hack then you have to remove it first.

  1. First go to Blogger Dashboard > Template
  2. Download a copy of your template
  3. Click Edit HTML
  4. Hit Proceed
  5. Check Expand Widget Template checkbox
  6. Find below code in your template


add below piece of code just above it,

<script type="text/javascript">
var summaryConf = {
    showImage: true,
    imgFloat: 'left',
    imgWidth: 120,
    imgHeight: 90,
    defaultThumb: '',
    words: 65,
    wordsNoImg: 80,
    skip: 0,
    showHome: true,
    showLabel: true
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You can easily customize above highlighted values,below are their meaning

  • showImage: true, If you don't want to show image thumbnail then simply replace true with false
  • imgFloat: 'left', If you want to float image at the right of summary then simply replace left with right
  • imgWidth: 120, This is width of image
  • imgHeight: 90, This is height of image
  • defaultThumb: '', If you want to set your own default thumbnail then replace above image URL with yours.
  • words: 65, This is number of words when there is a thumbnail
  • wordsNoImg: 80, This is number of words when there is no thumbnail
  • skip: 0, skip some first posts, don’t apply auto readmore for them. If this option is set to 0 so that all posts are applied auto readmore.
  • showHome and showLabel: allow or not auto readmore for homepage and label page. true is allowed, false is not.

Now find below code in your template,


replace it with below code,

<span expr:id=''><data:post.body/></span>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
    <script type='text/javascript'>summary("<>")</script>
<span style='float:right;padding-top:20px;'><a expr:href='data:post.url'>Read More</a></span>
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "archive"'>
        <script type='text/javascript'>summary("<>")</script>

Finally take a preview of your template,if you thing that everything is alright then save your template,if not then customize it as you wish and save it :)


  1. Helpfull Tricks

    Thanks Rahul .

  2. hei nice,this is what i've searched for a long time..but you have nicely explains to easily understand by newbies..

    one more doubt or help i need, can i add image instead of text "Read more.." on the post.. if yes,mean please tell me how..

    Regards : Jeni4evr

    1. Hello,

      First go to your template and check the Expand Widget Template

      Now find Read More in your template

      Replace it with below code,

      <img src=IMAGE URL HERE border="0"/>

      replace IMAGE URL HERE with your image URL...

      finally take a preview of your template and save it.

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  3. Hello Can you help me please , i cant creat like this

  4. I need help, my website:

    doesn't really have any change!

    1. Why? Pls. try all steps the steps carefully,also it is working in my demo blog.If still you can't add a read more then send me a copy of your template.

  5. Hello rahul

    This is not working in IE???

  6. Too Low !!!
    How to adjust the height of read more ?

  7. great tips!

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  9. Hey Rahul Can You Help Me, Well My Brother I Want To Add Auto Image Resize Hake On My Blogger Like Auto Read More Hake So Please Give Me This Coding Only FOr Image Resize Please Dont Forget To Reply Me Ok...

  10. Hello!

    Random posts don't have the content/text showing up, just the thumbnail.

    How can I fix that? Is it a word count thing or something?


    1. I think I figured it out. I have to go into each post that does not show up and just have to delete any previous css and redo. Weird bug!


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  16. When I use the skip:1 option, it skips the first post on EVERY page. This only happened after I changed the default thumbnail to my own... Please help?

  17. This auto readmore isn't working in IE

  18. Hi, webmaster just wanted to say thanks. This blog is the first one whose tips and instructions actually works. I enjoy reading your blog and i have followed closely to your tutorial too. Thanks so much for sharing, I really love your effort in educating us with unique and quality posts.

  19. Help!!!
    Not working....
    Just check it...
    Can i send the template.. ??

  20. Help
    I have a problem, When i go to search this , My template searches 3 results. with which i have to replace it ??

    My Website

  21. pls how do l add read more link to my feedburner email post so that it can show summary of post to them and read the remaing post on my blog. pls help.

  22. Hello, thank you so much for this tutorial. seems to be everything I need. But unfortunately it doesn't show on my blog. I've been very careful in following every step. Can you help? Thanks a lot !

  23. Hi Rahul...
    Nice, but got some confusion. When i tried to find this tag < data : post.body/ > ", i found 3 tags in my template, with which one i have to replace...

    Please help...
    Than you in advance.

  24. Hi...bro
    Thank you,
    I applied this to my blog and it is working fine. but i just want only image to be appear in the center, no words.

    Can you give me the code please..

    Thank you in advance..

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  26. What a great post. I think this tutorial is the best and most used by blogger. A must have!

    Rahul, if I want to add a border about 6px around the thumbnail, how would I do that?

  27. Oh by the way, in my case I had to pick the 2nd line code:

    for the plugin to work. I have 3 of them. :)

  28. Um, Blogger detected and deleted the line code. See if it likes this time.


  29. great trick thanks i hvae been searching it for a longer time

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  32. hi, i want to increase the length between thumbnail and summary. What should i do?. Thank you

  33. I did everything step by step as written and it didn`t work on my template.
    I still see whole posts on one page.

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  35. not working in my blog pleas help

  36. Plz tell me i need a Script With No Read More No Thumnail No Summary .user Click on my Post Title Name and go to the post ? is it posible Plz tell me soon Joshpk

  37. Am on a liveonblog and it does not works. trying out some other thing.

  38. hey bro this is only working in home tab but not in label pages .. plz chk
    my blog url -


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