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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

jQuery Twitter Tweets Ticker For Blogger

Hello Friends,Today I am sharing a great widget for blogger - "a jQuery Twitter Tweets Ticker".This twitter ticker is created by TutorialZine and we have bloggerized this and created the widget generator.It shows some latest tweets (last 7 days)  from your twitter account with a link to your account.This is a best widget to show off your recent tweets and as always I am providing a widget generator with more customizations options,with using this widget generator you can easily add it to your blogger blog without any tension of replacing usernames. :) Now lets see how to add it to your blog.First see the demo of the widget by clicking on the button below,

Twitter Tweets Ticker Demo

How To Add Twitter Ticker To Blogger Blog?

Follow below some instructions to use widget generator,

  1. First you must login to your blogger account before adding it through widget generator.
  2. Customize your widget as you wish
  3. Click on Generate button
  4. If you have to customize again the hit the Reset button
  5. When all done,finally hit the Add to Blogger button.
  6. Drag it as you wish and save it.

I hope you will like it.

Peace and Blessings Buddies :)


  1. thanks for this useful blogger widget. Works great in my blog

  2. From all the blogger sites I have visited yours is truly a cut above the rest. Blogging about bodybuilding, I don't know too much about the technical stuff, so I would like to thank you for helping people like me create powerful blogs using the blogger platform.

    Yours truly,

  3. Looks a great widget but how to change the colours to fit in with my Blogger design? I need it in dark - black background.

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  5. not working ..

    why ?


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