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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

How To Host Images On Blogger Itself

In today's tutorial I will explain how to upload images on blogger with full bandwidth and with almost all types of image formats such as png,jpg,gif.You can host your pictures,backgrounds,buttons or badgets etc on blogger (on picasa web) for lifetime.The biggerst reason to choose blogger over all image hosting sites is bandwidth,sites like TinyPic,PhotoBucket,Imgur,ImageShack and PhotoBucket have a bandwidth limit i.e. if your uploaded image has exceeded their band width limit then a ridiculous notification will appear instead of your images,So kick all of above and simply choose the blogger.Now lets see how to upload your own image on blogger and get a direct link of that image.

How To Host Images On Blogger Itself?

I am dividing this tutorial in two parts in first part we will see how to upload images to blogger and in second part we will see how to get a direct link of your uploaded images.Let's begin the first part of tutorial.

  1. How To Upload Images To Blogger
  2. How To Get Direct Link Of Your Uploaded Image

Part 1 : How To Upload Images To Blogger

  • First go to Blogger Dashboard > New Post
  • Click On small image icon at top toolbar of post editor
  • Now click on Choose File

  • Select a image and upload it and click on Add Selected button

  • Now the image will be added to your post editor

Click On Image To Enlarge

Part 2 : How To Get Direct Link Of Upload Image

In first part of tutorial you have uploaded a image to blogger now lets see how to get direct link of your uploaded images

  • Click on Edit HTML tab of your post editor.
Click On Image To Enlarge

Your image link will similar to above link which I have highlighted in above image (click on above image to enlarge and watch it properly)

Hope this tutorial helped you to upload an images to blogger :) For more tutorials stay connected with this blog. Thank You.....


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  2. It's good advice. There's no reason to pay for an image hosting site, when you can easily host your photos and pics right on Blogger. :)

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