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Monday, 15 December 2014

Something About Me And Helper Blogger

Hey Friend,
First of all thank you for visiting Helper Blogger, here I will write something about me and Helper Blogger although I don't have any words to describe myself :D

Something About Me

Some basic things first :)
My name is Rahul (hope you already know it :D) and I am from India, currently I am completing my degree in Bachelor of Computer Applications (B.C.A) from one of the top universities in India. I am a part time blogger as I have studies also and I love to create something new and innovative, I like to play with codes and create something new which will useful for bloggers. Apart from blogging Counter Strike 1.6 is my favorite thing, whenever I sit on system, CS and Helper Blogger these are the only things which I do, sometimes I like to watch random videos on youtube also.

About My Blogging Journey

In 2010 I started my first blog on Weebly and after that I moved to Google Blogger.
On blogger I started a blog which was named as btsnts (blogger tricks n tips) after that I switched to custom domain and btsnts renamed as Helper Blogger and that's how all this started :D was live on 14/02/12.

The first post was "How to Add A Official Facebook Like Button To Blogger" and it was published on 16/12/2011.

About Helper Blogger

As I have written in my blogging journey before helper blogger this blog was named as btsnts (
blogger tricks n tips) but after switching to custom domain it is renamed as Helper Blogger and is live since 14 Feb. 2012.
The main aim of Helper Blogger is to provide best blogger widgets,blog template customization tutorials and quality blogger tutorials for new bloggers.

Some Evergreen Posts of Helper Blogger

Some Stats of Helper Blogger

Total Published Posts: 251 (Author Posts - 0)

Total Visits: 2,237,300+

Alexa Rank: 139K as on 15/12/2014 (Improving Rapidly)

Followers On Social Networks: 5100+

My Earnings From Helper Blogger: 0.00 (as on 15/12/2014)

Reason - When Helper Blogger was on it's best level I applied for Google Adsense and Buysellads but both of them refused me :( but at same time some other good advertising companies approved me (I will not publish their names), by using their services even I had put some ads on Helper Blogger but within couple days I removed all ads because for some pennies I can't annoy my visitors by unwanted pop-ups,redirections and other stuff.
I don't feel bad about my earnings or anything bla bla bla, I blog because it's my passion not for making money. If you find anything useful on my blog that's enough for me.
In upcoming days I am planning to go for a paid web hosting service for this blog so that widget scripts and demos which I provide will be hosted on safe network, as soon as I manage money I will buy it.

Message For Bloggers

Although I am not a pro-blogger I want to share few things which I have learnt from my blogging journey.

  • Don't blog just because you want to earn money from it, blog for your passion and make it your habit.
  • In blogging field your personality,country, name, height, weight and any other bull**** things don't matter only your WRITING SKILLS do matter like how you write something and how you explain something to your visitors. Here I remember a quote "In this world writing is the only most destructive weapon than any other weapons".
  • When you are blogging, concentrate on only one topic/niche do not write or post whatever comes in your mind but if you are running a multi-author blog then it is not an issue but always remember that your blog name must be related with your blog content.
  • Finally enjoy whatever you do that's it.

Final Words

Hope this was not too long and thank you for your interest and visiting this page, I really appreciate it.
Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.

Have a nice day and Happy Blogging :) 


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