Hello friends...
I got a lot of requests from readers regarding this widget and after a small delay I am here with the widget :) Twitter fanbox widget is not a new thing in blogger but the previous version fanbox widget is no longer working so here I am presenting you brand new twitter fanbox widget with widget generator. This widget is similar to facebook fanbox widget which allows your visitors to follow you directly and without leaving the page, it also displays the number of followers and faces of your followers.
Twitter fanbox is great way to increase number of your followers directly from your website. Credits for this fanbox goes to @matias and widget generators credits goes to.... ofcourse me :) :D
Now without wasting time lets move to the steps...

How to add twitter fanbox to blogger??

In order to use twitter fanbox widget you have to authorize it through your twitter account, follow below steps.
  1. Open twitter (opens in new tab)
  2. Login to your account and come back to this page
  3. Now click here and authorize access to widget
  4. Done
  5. Now use widget generator below to add it to blogger (keep width and height of widget as it is if you want to use it in siderbar)

Widget Generator


If you want to add this widget manually then follow these steps,
  1. Authorize fanbox widget first (skip if already authorized else follow above steps)
  2. Input username,width and height
  3. Copy the code
  4. Login to your blogger account
  5. Go to Layout
  6. Click on Add Widget > HTML/Javascript
  7. Paste code and save it
  8. BoOm!!! Now open your blog...

Twitter Username:
Widget Width: px
Widget Height: px

<div id="twitter-box">
  var tw_user = 'helperblogger';
  var tw_width = 250;
  var tw_height = 250;
  var no_face = 8;
  (function() {
    var tw_box = document.createElement('script');
    tw_box.type = 'text/javascript';
    tw_box.async = true;
    tw_box.src = '//helperblogger.ucoz.com/code/hb-twitter.js';(document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(tw_box);})();

Hope you will like this widget :) If you are getting problem regarding installation of this widget then feel free ask me :)
Have a nice day...

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  1. Thx! Nice one! Have you any widget for reparing Flickr gadget for Blogger? Thx in advance. Lia

    1. do you want to display your flicker images without flickr gadget or do you want any widget like image slider or anything in which you can use custom images??

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  6. hw to remove twiter button ,iam not addedmanuvally

  7. That's cool.Do you know why it doesn't appear the whole name of my profile and just 'breaking'? Can you have a look? http://breakingbad-greek.blogspot.gr/search/label/en thanks

  8. please make post on make widget generator for blogger

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  10. Thanks Thanks a lot bro....
    You are great .............

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