Recently Google Plus offered some changes to profile URL. Now Google+ is allowing its users to set custom URL for their profile. Like my old Google+ profile link was
and now it has been changed to but still in many cases you have to use your numeric ID, like most of widget generators on Helper Blogger uses Google+ numeric ID because I published them before this change. Also in most of the Google+ widgets you are required to enter numeric ID of your Google+ profile.

How to find your Google+ Numeric ID?

It is very easy process to find out your numeric ID. Just follow me step by step :)
  1. Login to your Google+ Profile
  2. Go to your profile

  3. Right click on your name and from list choose Copy link address 

  4. The link will look like this:
  5. The numbers in bold (106527290580119996124) is my ID so your ID will look like this.
  6. That's it :)
Hope you guys found this tutorial easy. If you have any queries related to this then feel to comment below also if you any know any other easier method then suggest it below.

Happy Blogging :)
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