When we add any widget to blog, an unique Widget ID gets assigned to that widget. There are many reasons to find Widget ID. Lets say you want to customize official popular post widget using some CSS at this time you can use Widget ID of popular post widget as a CSS Selector to make change further using power of CSS.
Have a look on example above, here we are using Widget ID of Popular Posts widget as a CSS Selector. Hope now you have got idea about Widget ID and why we need Widget ID of any widget. Now without wasting time lets move to the steps.

How To Find Widget ID Of Any Blogger Widget?

Finding Widget ID of any widget is damn easy, just follow me carefully :)

Here for demonstration purpose I will find Widget ID of HTML/JavaScript widget.
  1. Login to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Go to Layout
  3. On Layout page locate your widget of which you wish to find Widget ID
  4. Click on Edit Button (look image below)

  5. Widget configuration window will open, now move to the end of URL you will find something like widgetId=HTML2

  6. So here in this case Widget ID is HTML2
  7. That's it
Have a nice day... Happy Blogging :)

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