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Thursday, 22 February 2018

How To Display Cookie Consent Message On Blogger

From 26th May 2012 onwards, UK websites/companies or websites having visitors from european countries are required to obtain a consent from website users regarding storing or retrieving any information on computer, tablet or mobile. Which means a website adminstrator must inform its visitors about how cookies i.e. information about them is stored and used online, Also let them choose to allow storing cookies or not.
Basically the law was designed to protect the privacy of user as the cookies can be used for illegal purposes also. Cookies are essential part of browsers and websites, it can be used to make your browsing experience much smoother by various means such as by saving your custom preferences, remember your username or textfilds you have entered before. While there numerous pros of using cookies there are some cons also as 3rd party cookies enabled on website can be used for advertising purchases like what products you have purchased recently, what products your are viewing and later that this information can used to feed you targetted advertisements. You may be wondering what actuallly cookies are and why they are used?

What is a cookie?

Cookies are a small piece of information that website asks browser to store on your device. Cookies are mainly used to make your browsing experience more smoother by remembering your preferences so that when you visit same website next time the browser retrieve your stored information. Almost all browsers use cookies and user have right to view or delete any cookie anytime.

Why cookies are used?
As I have said earlier cookies are mainly used to
  1. Remember your preferences
  2. Identify users
  3. Displaying advertisements that are most relevent to a user
  4. Personalize user experience by storing information about them

Am I Requied to comply with this law?
Yes, If you own a website using cookies and having visitors from european countries then you are required to follow the law.

Does a blogger blog use cookies?
Yes, A blogger blog uses cookies for various reasons. Here a official blogger article on this law.
Especially if you use Google Analytics or Google Adsense you are requied to obtain a cookies consent from your visitors.

How to install cookie consent?
Blogger automatically enables a cookie consent on blogspot blogs if you are using default templates but if you wish to modify to match it up with your blog design like you may have noticed the button color on my cookie consent is my primary theme color. 

If your are already using blogger's default cookie consent then you have to remove it first by adding this small piece of code.
  1. Login to Blogger Account
  2. Goto Theme > Edit HTML
  3. Add following code before </head> tag
<script type="text/javascript">cookieChoices = {};</script>

This code will disable default blogger cookie consent.

 Adding Customized Cookie consent

  1. Now, Visit Insites Cookieconsent
  2. Customize consent as per your requirement

  3. After customizing, copy the generated code and add it to before </head> tag
Hope you found this guide helpful and easy.
If you are facing any issues regarding installation of consent, feel free to mention it in comment box.


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